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In the 12 years of its existence, the Carnival of Budva has become much more than a procession of beautiful masks. During the Carnival days, smiling faces can be seen everywhere, enjoying good music, top quality wine and traditional delicacies, getting acquainted with the cultural heritage of Budva and admiring skilfully made masks that come from all over the world.

The Carnival fiesta traditionally starts with “Abrum”, the masks’ invitation to locals and tourists to come to the carnival. Accompanied by music and songs, participants in the Carnival visit the Old Town families and restaurants, who welcome them with coastal specialties such as rustule fritters, dragon cake, fritters, sponge cake, and fugazza. After the Abrum, the fiesta continues in the cafes within the Old Town walls with different thematic soirees.

The second day of the Carnival continues with the “Great Carnival Procession”, which starts from the “City” cafe and goes towards the Square of the Iron Gate in the Old Town, where the stage is located, in front of which the masks are presented. The carnival procession ends with fireworks, but this is not the end of the carnival fiesta. It is followed by the merry “Spring Night under the Masks”, with many outdoor parties – both outside and within the Old Town walls.

During the Carnival, a number of projects are carried out, including “Discover Budva”, “Send a Message to the World!”, “The Streets of Open Heart”, “Recycle and be a Friend to Nature”, “Town Streets Named by the Children”, which are, in addition to the “small procession” held on the third day of the Carnival, aimed at animating and educating children.

The most famous parts of the Carnival are “Sweet Corner” and “Wine Corner” which promote the food and drink products of Budva, through the tasting of wine and traditional sweets from this area. The Carnival is held around May Day.

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